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21 Signs Your Buyer Is a Poor Fit [Sales Process Checklist]

Ayoub · #Productivity · 2 min read
Posted: February 15, 2024

The traditional adage "Buyer beware" has long echoed through sales interactions, reflecting a historical imbalance in buyer-seller relationships. Oftentimes, aggressive and self-serving tactics prevailed, leaving buyers wary of potential scams and necessitating thorough due diligence on their part.

However, in the contemporary sales landscape, a significant transformation is underway. "Seller beware" is emerging as the new standard.

The Era of "Seller Beware"

In modern sales practices, the responsibility falls on salespeople and vendors to carefully select, or qualify, the appropriate clients.

Why? Because in the 21st century, one's reputation is paramount. This ethos lays the groundwork for fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships, cultivating a high-quality customer base, and reducing churn rates. Consequently, the concept of the one-call close is losing favor.

Identifying Poor Fit Buyers

During the initial identification stage, salespeople conduct research to engage with prospects who appear to be suitable matches.

Disqualifying prospects at this stage involves ensuring that the right leads are being targeted, albeit based on informed assumptions.

Indicators for Disqualification:

  • Their company's size or revenue significantly deviates from the typical customer profile.
  • Their industry or vertical market does not align with your target market.
  • The prospect resides outside your sales territory or operates in a time zone incompatible with your operations.

Connecting with Prospects

In the connection phase, salespeople engage with prospects for the first time. This stage aims to assess whether the prospect is the right contact person, if they have a genuine need, and whether they are receptive to addressing that need.

Indicators for Disqualification:

The prospect exhibits discourteous or uncooperative behavior.

Emotional responses outweigh factual engagement, suggesting a lack of insight into company priorities.

The prospect displays erratic behavior, alternating between extreme enthusiasm and disinterest.

The prospect demonstrates reluctance to answer questions or relinquish control of the sales process.

Exploring Buyer Fit

During the exploration phase, salespeople delve deeper into the prospect's goals, plans, and challenges, seeking alignment with the company's offerings. Attention is also paid to the prospect's receptiveness to collaboration.

Indicators for Disqualification:

  • The prospect provides contradictory or dishonest information.
  • Resistance to direction and a competitive demeanor hinder collaborative efforts.
  • Insufficient resources or disorganization impede successful implementation.
  • Your product is deemed necessary but not a current priority for the prospect.

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