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How To Set Up Your Profile: PROFILE & PERMISSIONS

Ayoub · #Productivity · 2 min read
Posted: May 9, 2024
  • How To Set Up Your Profile

To set up your email. You need to sign up to eGrow.com.

  1. Go to egrow.com
  2. Click on get started

  1. Fill in your information

  1. Go to your profile and click on settings

  1. Change whatever you want and click on save

  • How To Set up your profile - USERS

  • How To Invite Users

To invite your your team to eGrow, log in to eGrow and click on your profile then select USERS

  1. Hover to PROFILE and click on profile
  2. Then click on USER

  1. Click on NEW USER

  1. Entire the users email

  1. And select their role(s) 0
  2. Then click on ADD NEW USER

  • How To Set Up User Permissions 

To set up your user permissions, pursue the following steps:

  1. Click on PROFILE
  2. Click on USERS

  1. Select the users you want to change their role

  1. Last, click on update and change the role permission

  • How To Set up Your Profile - TEAMS

  • How To Set up Your Team

Teams in eGrow stands for Call Center Team, Marketing Team, Design Team… and more. 

Creating a team permission means what role and permission you want to give each team. For example:

  1. Click on the PROFILE

  1. Click on TEAMS

  1. To add a new Team, click on ADD NEW TEAM

  1. Set a name for the new team then click on save

  1. Now, give each team the desired roles.

  • How To Set up Your Team Permissions

To set up your team permissions, pursue the following easy steps:

  1. Click on your PROFILE

  1. Then click on TEAMS

  1. Select the team you want to set up roles for.
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